Become a CDAP Digital Advisor

If your business has an interest in using artificial intelligence (AI) to boost productivity and profitability, you may be eligible for funding through the cdap digital advisor. This program has helped many Canadian SMEs increase sales and improve customer engagement through the use of new technology. Whether you need to centralize data, automate workflows, streamline project management or improve client support and retention, AI can help you achieve your business goals.

The cdap digital advisor program is an initiative by the federal government to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) embrace new technology. The program provides a number of benefits, including funding for up to $15,000 in advisory services, zero-interest loans through BDC and subsidized youth work placements.

Getting started with the cdap digital advisor program is easy. To start, register on the cdap Digital Advisor Marketplace and choose an approved digital advisor to create a plan for your company. The plan must focus on integrating new digital technologies into your business. Once the digital adoption plan is completed, you can apply for a 0% interest loan through BDC to put the plans into action.

You will need to be a for-profit business and have at least $500,000 in revenue from the previous three years to qualify. If you are not sure, the cdap website has an online assessment tool to help determine your eligibility.

Once you are a registered digital advisor, you can provide a variety of services to SMEs that are eligible for the CDAP program. You can conduct digital needs assessments, develop and implement digital projects, and assist with the cdap application process. Digital advisors are also able to provide a number of additional services to businesses, such as providing support for online marketing programs, IT infrastructure modernization and cybersecurity enhancements.

The cdap program is designed to encourage innovation and growth in Canada’s economy. By offering up to $15,000 in funding, the program helps SMEs embrace new technology and grow their businesses. The cdap program is part of the government’s $4 billion commitment to the digital economy.

Becoming an cdap digital advisor is a great opportunity for service businesses to build long-lasting client engagements. By leveraging the cdap platform, advisors can easily send proposals, create blueprints and standard operating procedures, meet agendas, client reports and more. This allows them to deliver quality services while remaining 100% compliant with the government regulations.

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OurCIO is a leading advisor for the Canada Digital Adoption Program. We’ve conducted over 50 digital assessments for Canadian SMEs and are familiar with the process, requirements and guidelines of the grant. We’ve made it our mission to enable SMEs across western Canada to get the most out of their technology investment. OurCIO is the first advisor to offer a streamlined approach for SMEs to access funding, save time and get started on their technology journey. The result is a quicker and more efficient way for SMEs to become confident in their decision-making and grow their business.

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