Bill Bhangal, the Spouse of a Former PC Candidate

Bill Bhangal, the spouse of a former PC candidate, was found guilty in 2013 of sexual assault after a court trial. He was convicted despite an appeal, which led to a second trial with a new judge. The new judge found that both the complainant and the defence witness were credible.

Bill Hundal

The prosecution tried to convict Bill Hundal of six counts of lewd acts on his daughter. While he denied any guilt, the prosecution claimed he had abused the girl. The prosecution introduced videotapes of the Hundal family, as well as the testimony of the police officer who found adult pornography on Hundal’s computer. The victim also testified at the trial.

As a result, Hundal’s leadership was put to use as a political tool. He has cultivated relationships and mentorship skills, and he has been promoted to management positions. He has also made a name for himself in the mainstream media, participating in the BC Leaders debate and showcasing his skills.

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Sentencing of Bill Bhangal

On Tuesday, Judge Mary Cowan issued a decision in the Sentencing of Bill Bhangal. In the hearing, the judge said that jail time would be disproportionate given Bhangal’s exemplary character. The alleged victim, Pam Hundal, hopes to appeal the ruling. She is an attorney and volunteer in the community. She is also running for provincial office in the Brampton-Springdale riding.

The court heard testimony from the victim, who said Bhangal groped her and kissed her. The judge found the complainant credible but left some doubt over the details of the assault. In the end, the judge acquitted Bhangal. The victim said that Bhangal had been groping her and forcing her to kiss him. She told the court that she was embarrassed, but Bhangal refused to stop. The victim also told her mother and supervisor about the incident.

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