Duckbill Check Valve

A duckbill check valve is a type of check valve that is made of rubber or synthetic elastomer. This type of valve has two flaps that are shaped like the beak of a duck. It is typically used in medical applications and prevents contamination from backflow. This type of valve is a popular choice among engineers and technicians.

Stenner Santoprene

The Stenner Santoprene duckbilll check valve is an injection check valve that is used in injection pumps. It is easy to replace and requires little maintenance. Its modular design makes replacement quick and easy. The Stenner duckbill is available in two sizes: 1/4″ and 3/8″.

Stenner duckbill check valves are compatible with most models of Stenner pumps. They are available in 3/8″ ferrule and Santoprene duckbill materials.


A HedFlex duckbill check valving is an excellent choice for controlling sewer overflows. The duckbill design offers low headloss, and it can seal around solids better than flapgates. These valves have an integral elastomeric flange. They are quiet and offer superior backflow prevention.

It is designed for backflow prevention in stormwater, CSO, and outfall applications. Its patented technology prevents backflow and clogs, saving you money and time. The TF1 is the most reliable duckbill check valve on the market.


Designed to prevent backflow in sewer systems, the Tideflex duckbill check valve is one of theĀ duckbill check valve most reliable valves available today. Its unique design is based on a one-piece rubber matrix made from synthetic and natural elastomers. Its unique construction allows for easy installation.

As the name implies, the duckbill of a duckbill check valve has a curved bill which allows the valve to compress around trapped solids and seal tight to prevent backflow. This unique feature makes Tideflex duckbill check valves much better than flapgates in preventing backflow. They also prevent backflow, even at low flow rates.

Series 35-1

A duckbill check valve is an efficient solution to prevent backflow in storm water outfalls. These valves can be fitted to an existing outfall structure or can be stacked to provide multiple backflow prevention valves. They are made of a rubber matrix, which is one-piece and uses back pressure to open and close.

The Series 35-1 duckbill check valve is manufactured similar to the Tideflex TF-1 duckbill check valve. It features an integral elastomeric flange and is available with DIN and custom drilling patterns. It also includes retaining rings to prevent movement during installation. This backflow prevention valve is constructed of a rubber matrix and natural and synthetic elastomers. The duckbill check valve is also non-slamming and quiet. It is also suitable for use in waste-water treatment plants and floor drains.

HedFlex Replacement Injection

HedFlex Replacement Injection for Duckbill Check Valve features superior high grade rubber and polyester reinforcement, improving operation and performance. It also increases life expectancy. With these benefits, HedFlex is the perfect choice for a check valve.

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