Industrial Safety Swing Gates

If you’re in the market for an industrial safety swing gate, then it is important to consider the size of the opening and what it’s designed for. While self-closing swing gates can be mounted in tight spaces, you should make sure that the gate has plenty of room to open and close fully – typically 75 to 90 degrees.


The YellowGate industrial safety swing gate is designed to provideĀ self closing safety swing gate fall protection, and it offers a universal mounting system to fit any location. Its design eliminates the need for a receiver on the other side of the gate, and it is fully adjustable to a maximum angle of 108 degrees. It is easy to install and requires no cutting or welding.


A Hemco industrial safety swing gate is a steel framed safety gate that provides protection and ease of access during loading and unloading. It features an automatic self-closing system that ensures the safety of people and equipment in the workplace. Its round section tubular frame and universal mounting system make it easy to install on a variety of structures, including wall cavities, floor joists, and angle iron. In addition, it meets or exceeds OSHA safety standards.


A GuardDog industrial safety swing gate is a sturdy, self-closing device that prevents falls from mezzanines, elevated platforms, and ladder ways. The self-closing gate swings in both directions and can be adjusted up to 6” from its nominal size. The gate is easily installed and comes with all of the mounting hardware you need. The gate can be surface mounted to flat or angle iron surfaces.


The ErectaStep industrial safety swing gate is a durable, modular and cost-effective industrial safety solution. It is designed for easy installation and OSHA compliance. A variety of configurations are available to suit your specific needs.


Double-door industrial safety swing gates are ideal for applications that require minimal clearance while opening and closing. The double-door design provides more coverage than low-profile models and has a spring mechanism that automatically closes the gate when released. The double-door design also provides additional safety in areas where swing clearance is limited, as they have two separate doors that swing open in opposite directions.

Universal mounting system

The YellowGate universal safety swing gate is compliant with EN14122 and is able to swing outward or inward, depending on the installation requirements. The universal mounting system eliminates the need to measure and order multiple gates for a given location. This system is also versatile and can be used for a variety of different applications.

Adjustable tensioner

An adjustable tensioner for industrial safety swing gates eliminates the common failure point of swing gate springs. It offers maintenance-free closure and field-adjustable tension.

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