Lighting Designer Rocco Borghese

Lighting designer Rocco Borghese has been at the forefront of lighting design for over thirty years now, and in that time he’s achieved near cult status amongst UK home owners. He started his career as a classical musician, playing cello in several classical groups such as Cavatina, Teatro Serra and many others. Later, he began designing lighting for the cinema, especially for the soundtracks. Nowadays he works primarily in the field of interior design, particularly bedroom suites.

Lighting designer Rocco Borghese

His vast experience in the realm of cinema room design, combined with state-of-the-art technology, has led him to be a highly sought after designer of lighting for residential and commercial purposes. He believes, “A room is an empty canvas”, and what you put into it says a lot about your personality. He has a passion for creating designs that are fresh, unique and can create that all important ambiance that gives a space its soul. He has designed numerous pools, cinema halls, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, spas, libraries, residential houses, luxury apartments, hotels, restaurants, bars, film sets, conference rooms, meeting rooms and luxury holiday resorts. And the list is just going on from there!

One of his most innovative ideas was the ‘mood lighting’ concept. This is where the entire ceiling, walls and floors are lighted in different colors, which creates a unique and stunning atmospheric effect. He has also designed a ‘video wall’ using LED technology – basically a computer chip that displays 3D images in your wall, using nothing more than a projector. Rocco’s approach of combining beauty with functionality is very interesting. For example, one of his recent innovations is the ‘infinity light’, which illuminates the entire ceiling, floors, walls and ceiling border; while the touch-screen control system allows you to change the color of each individual light bulb.

In terms of color, Rocco has created a ‘hybrid’ color scheme which includes red, blue, orange, green and yellow, which is an amazing achievement as this is not only the largest color range ever seen in the lighting, but also an amazing assortment. He has also created ‘nightclub light bars’ where you can easily change the mood of the room by switching on or off different light fixtures. This not only adds an element of fun to the party or event, it also changes the way people perceive the environment and how it can affect their moods.

With his lighting concepts, Rocco has produced some truly breathtaking results. One such ‘wow’ moment at a function I attended as a guest speaker was when the lighting designer suddenly pointed to a tiny plant sitting on a ledge not several feet away from where we were standing and asked us to turn down our speakers so that we could have a better view of the plant. It is amazing how light can affect the human senses! I was actually moved to tears just watching this plant to grow and develop. Other plants in the garden also benefited from the lighting and some of them soon grew to be quite a big deal, literally.

The future for Rocco Bovy is certainly an exciting one. He has many patents pending and is credited as one of the fathers of ambient lighting. It is clear that he has many exciting ideas that are yet to be explored and which will no doubt take him to great heights. I am sure that many other lighting designers would be happy to learn some of his secrets.

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