LPS Dental is a professional services

LPS Dental is a professional services company specializing in the monetization of part of a doctor’s practice. LPS offers a complete turnkey solution, from initial contracting to closing, audit, and legal. LPS has successfully partnered with over 30 IDSOs across the United States from Hawaii to Boston. It has facilitated over $500,000,000 in transactions over the past 36 months. In addition, LPS has advised DSOs on hundreds of millions of dollars in larger practice transactions.

LPS is a silent partner, paid only after a transaction is finalized. In addition to offering its services, LPS is a member of several organizations, including the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO), a group of IDSOs dedicated to promoting the best interest of their members. LPS also sits on the boards of several emerging dental technology companies.

LPS Dental has completed over $500,000,000 in dental practice transactions with IDSOs in the last 36 months. LPS has partnered with over 24 different IDSOs, in 20 different states, and has helped doctors with hundreds of millions of dollars in larger practice transactions.

The company’s expertise includes the development of a smart dental implant system, which allows dentists to test new materials and re-inforce existing ones. ThisĀ Dr Andreina Dulanto new system retains the energy-generating property of the material and can resist bacterial growth.

LPS Dental partners with IDSOs to help their clients acquire larger practices, develop their business, and monetize a part of their practice. Through its Advisory Board, LPS has learned from the experience of dozens of DSOs, and is able to guide its IDSO partners on the acquisition process. LPS has also completed transactions with sixteen IDSOs in eighteen states in 2020. The company’s CEO, Mitch Olan, serves on the executive committee of the ADSO and has served on the board of several emerging dental technology companies.

LPS is a pro-inflammatory molecule that may influence the homeostasis of oral pulp tissues. It may affect the inflammatory response in the pulp, which in turn may hamper the recovery of the pulp-dentin complex. Apoptosis and oxidative stress are possible consequences of this situation. Therefore, LPS has important clinical implications.

LPS has shown potential to influence human dental pulp stem cell migration, adhesion, and regenerative responses. LPS has a pleiotropic effect, meaning it regulates the inflammatory responses of multiple immune cells, including T helper (Th)2 cells and regulatory T cells. The inflammatory process is triggered by the presence of LPS in caries lesions. The effect of LPS on the oral pulp tissue can vary according to the type of pulp cell, the presence of a bacterial infection, and the duration of the exposure.

LPS has been found to stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and cytokine production. It has also been shown to interfere with the odontoblast-like cell differentiation of DPSCs. Moreover, LPS has been shown to interfere with redox balance in primary HPCs, which are key for HPC functions. The inhibition of the innate immune response in HPCs may decrease the defense capacity against bacteria.

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