Why Marketers Need a Consumer Behavior Degree

Studying consumer behaviour is a fascinating and rewarding career option. It focuses on understanding the psychology behind purchasing decisions and how consumers interact with the products they purchase. This knowledge can help you design marketing strategies that engage and retain current clients as well as attract new ones.

Become an expert on the psychology of buyers with read more a consumer behaviour degree from CTU. You can learn the real-world applications of psychological concepts and theories, while developing analytical, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

Your studies of consumer behavior will focus on analyzing the motivations that drive purchasing decisions and how these behaviors impact marketing strategies and businesses. You’ll also explore the importance of customer satisfaction and commitment, as well as examining post-purchase processes and problem recognition.

You’ll be equipped to understand the four basic types of consumer behavior: complex-buying behavior, dissonance-reducing buying behavior, habitual buying behavior, and variety-seeking buying behavior. You’ll also explore how marketers can use consumer behavior data to craft hyper-targeted advertising campaigns.

Why Marketers Need a Consumer Behavior Degree

The ability to understand and predict consumer behaviour is critical to the success of any business venture or policy think-tank in the corporate, public, or voluntary sector. It also underpins all of the facets of marketing, from consumer insights and communications to product design and brand positioning.

This program emphasizes the use of emergent and advanced experimental methods, giving you the skills to adapt and innovate in your chosen field(s). You’ll gain direct evidence of your research expertise by completing an applied project in partnership with industry or the public sector.

You’ll also get hands-on experience in our innovative Consumer Insights Research Lab. Through this collaboration, students have the opportunity to work on a range of research projects commissioned by our industry and public sector partners.

Our Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies program is an exciting and challenging bachelor’s degree that combines business with analytics, creativity, and trend tracking. It prepares you to work in the fast-growing, technology-focused global consumer market and offers ample employment opportunities across industries such as online retailing and social commerce.

Your studies of consumer behavior will cover the psychology of purchasing decisions, as well as the emotional, psychological, and societal factors that influence these purchases. You’ll examine how to understand consumer motivations and decision-making, as well as how to identify key consumer segments and target markets.

Courses include topics such as consumer behavior, personality and perceptions, cross-cultural variations, American society, and marketing strategy development. You’ll also investigate how core values vary and what role demographics play in influencing consumer behavior.

What Are the Benefits of a Consumer Behavior Degree?

The degree is designed to give you a deep understanding of the consumer mind and how it works. You’ll also develop the skills needed to understand the role of a company’s brand in driving consumer behavior and create a unique identity for your business.

If you’re looking for a flexible, affordable, and individualized approach to pursuing a degree, CTU is the place for you. Our consumer behavior degree is available entirely online, so you can study at a time that works for you. You’ll also receive helpful support from your professors, who can provide guidance on your coursework and personal goals.

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